Geesche Geddert was born in Hannover (BRD) and studied recorder at the Stedelijk Conservatorium Zwolle, Netherlands, with Dorothea Winter.

She has collaborated with composers such as John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Christian Wolff and Walter Zimmermann. With Stockhausen she prepared the recorder version of his In Freundschaft. She has made CD and radio recordings, lectured at several conservatories, and has written for the professional journal Tibia. She teaches at various local schools of music and frequently performs in The Netherlands and in Germany.


original 18th century recorder

A special concert took take place Sunday, 2 June 2013, in the Nederlands Hervormde Kerk in Dalen (NL) on the occasion of a recent discovery of an original 18th century recorder.

Geesche Geddert has revived this recorder, built by the Amsterdam recorder maker Willem Beukers in 1704. She says: ”It is as if the recorder still remembers the music that was played on it in the eighteenth century. The instrument reveals beautiful timbres, and although contemporary copies have a larger volume of course, you can feel and hear the instrument's authenticity quite well. It is completely in original condition.”


Stockhausen, Cage, de Ruiter

In the past few years, several CD's were released with contemporary recorder music

Karlheinz Stockhausen's In Freundschaft (1977-1984)

version for alto recorder (by Stockhausen in collaboration with Geesche Geddert)

Geesche Geddert, alto recorder

Stockhausen Edition No. 101 (released 2012) - available from:

John Cage's Three (1989), written for Trio Dolce (Christine Brelowski, Geesche Geddert & Dorothea Winter) and Solo with Obbligato Accompaniment (1934)

Mode Records 186 (Vol. 38 of the Complete John Cage Edition; released 2007) - available from: 


Wim de Ruiters Fancy (1997) for recorder quartet and soundtracks

Dorothea Winter, Reine-Marie Verhagen, Peter van Heyghen and Geesche Geddert, recorders

Erasmus Music WVH 182 (released 2001)


Louis Andriessen Melodie (1973)

Recorded in De IJsbreker, Amsterdam, May 18, 1991

Geesche Geddert, recorder

John Snijders, piano